The Top 10 Best Alien Wall Decor Accents for your Home
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Alien wall art has captured the imagination of many, leaving a mark as unique and mysterious in the world of interior decoration. Its popularity has surged dramatically over recent years, and as we move into 2020, it shows no signs of slowing down. This phenomenon can be attributed in part to popular television shows like “Ancient Aliens” and the continued fascination with science fiction. The allure of alien-themed decor lies in its ability to transport us into uncharted territories and engage our curiosity about the unknown.

There is an extensive array of alien wall decorations available, ensuring that every enthusiast can find something that resonates with their taste and style. These diverse options encompass various mediums, including alien canvas art, alien wall tapestries, and even alien wall sculptures. Whether you’re drawn to the enigmatic allure of extraterrestrial life or simply appreciate the artistic representation of otherworldly beings, alien wall decor offers something for everyone.

One of the most exciting aspects of alien wall art is the diversity of themes and subjects it encompasses. From UFO alien art that explores the fascination with unidentified flying objects to grey alien art that delves into the world of the iconic grey-skinned extraterrestrials, there’s a broad spectrum to explore. Furthermore, you can immerse yourself in the beauty of alien planet landscape art, which transports you to surreal, extraterrestrial landscapes that fire up the imagination. As we venture further into this article, you’ll uncover the most captivating and out-of-this-world alien wall decor options available.

The Fascinating World of Alien Wall Decor

When it comes to decorating with alien wall art, there are several intriguing avenues to explore. Whether you’re looking to create a space that feels like it’s straight out of a sci-fi adventure or simply want to infuse a touch of extraterrestrial wonder into your living space, here are some creative ideas and trends to consider:

  1. Futuristic Sci-Fi Retreat: Transform your room into a futuristic haven with alien canvas art depicting advanced civilizations, futuristic cities, or interstellar landscapes. Complement the artwork with sleek, modern furniture and metallic accents to create a space that feels like it’s from another galaxy.
  2. Extraterrestrial Elegance: Embrace the elegance of alien wall tapestries featuring intricate designs of celestial beings. These tapestries can serve as statement pieces in your home, adding a touch of cosmic beauty to any room. Consider pairing them with soft, celestial-themed lighting for a truly ethereal atmosphere.
  3. UFO Encounter: Create a captivating focal point with UFO alien art that portrays mysterious encounters with unidentified flying objects. Arrange these artworks in a way that sparks conversation and intrigue among your guests. Illuminating the area with low, ambient lighting can intensify the feeling of mystery and awe.
  4. Grey Alien Chic: Incorporate grey alien art into your decor to embrace the iconic image of extraterrestrial visitors. These artworks can be both whimsical and thought-provoking. Balance the whimsy with minimalist, modern furnishings for a captivating contrast.
  5. Alien Planet Escape: Transport yourself to distant worlds with alien planet landscape art. These pieces evoke a sense of wanderlust and curiosity about what lies beyond our planet. Pair them with elements like succulent terrariums and metallic accents for an otherworldly oasis.

Trends in Alien Wall Art

As the world of interior design evolves, so do the trends related to alien wall art. Here are some of the latest trends in this fascinating niche:

  1. Mixed-Media Masterpieces: Contemporary artists are pushing the boundaries of alien wall art by combining various media. Expect to see pieces that incorporate digital elements, 3D printing, and holographic effects, creating dynamic and immersive artworks that come to life.
  2. Interactive Illumination: LED and interactive lighting have made their way into the world of alien wall decor. Some pieces now feature built-in lighting that can change colors and patterns, adding an extra layer of visual intrigue to your space.
  3. Abstract Extraterrestrial: Alien art is taking on more abstract and surreal forms, allowing viewers to interpret the imagery in their own unique ways. These pieces often feature bold colors, unusual shapes, and dreamlike compositions that challenge our perceptions of the unknown.
  4. Eco-Friendly Extraterrestrial: In a nod to sustainability, some artists are creating alien wall art using eco-friendly materials and practices. These pieces not only captivate with their otherworldly themes but also contribute to a more sustainable approach to decorating.
  5. Custom Cosmic Creations: Many enthusiasts are opting for custom-made alien wall art, working closely with artists to bring their unique visions to life. This trend allows for highly personalized decor that reflects individual tastes and interests.

In essence, alien wall decor has emerged as a captivating and trendsetting niche in interior design. Its appeal lies in its ability to transport us to realms beyond our imagination while adding an air of mystery and wonder to our living spaces. Whether you’re drawn to futuristic landscapes, UFO encounters, or the enigmatic allure of grey aliens, there’s an alien wall art piece waiting to elevate your decor and spark conversations about the mysteries of the universe. As trends in this niche continue to evolve, you can expect to see even more innovative and awe-inspiring creations that redefine the boundaries of extraterrestrial-inspired design. Embrace the unknown, and let your walls tell a story that transcends the confines of our world.'Visit to Aliens' Photographic Print on Wrapped Canvas‘Visit to Aliens’ Photographic Print on Wrapped Canvas'Visit to Aliens' Photographic Print on Wrapped Canvas

1. Visit to Aliens Canvas Wall Art

This deep ocean spooky alien wall art piece is reminiscent of all the Alien science fiction movies popular these days on TV.  Which alien movie does this make you think of? It reminds me of the Alien vs Predator movies.

This would make a great choice paired with other alien wall decor pieces or even with some pyramid wall art.  Moreover I would also pair this with Egyptian wall decor if I wanted to create an air of mystery or intrigue.

Ideal for a man cave, living room or office.  Although it would  make an excellent piece of wall art for a game-room.  Also a great piece to include in an area 51 home decor theme.  You will appreciate this piece of alien wall decor is easy to hang, clean and store.

2. Alien II – Alien Wall Art on Canvas

'Alien II' Graphic Art Print on Canvas‘Alien II’ Graphic Art Print on Canvas'Alien II' Graphic Art Print on Canvas

Erie and mysterious this piece of grey alien wall decor is bound to invoke feelings of wonder and mystery. Perfect for those who love monochrome wall decor with a futuristic flair.

Perfect for any small wall space especially ideal for offices, bedrooms and kids play areas. Moreover alien wall decor like this makes for phenomenal Halloween Wall decorations.  You will appreciate that this is very easy to hang and would make a great gift for the Alien enthusiast in your life.

Cosmic Allure: Integrating Alien Wall Decor in Out-of-this-World Interior Designs

Cosmic Allure Integrating Alien Wall Decor in Out-of-this-World Interior DesignsWhen embarking on a journey to craft an otherworldly space within your home, it’s vital to pay homage to the wondrous mysteries of the cosmos through Alien interior decorating ideas. An essential component in achieving this interstellar appeal is the incorporation of Alien wall decor, which becomes the beating heart of the room.

Alien wall art can breathe life into a room and transport you to a galaxy far away. Imagine the depth and intrigue that a mural of an alien civilization or a canvas depicting futuristic spacecraft can add to your living space. Consider using a variety of materials and textures to create multi-dimensional Alien wall decorations. Metallic finishes, for instance, can evoke the sleekness of a spacecraft, while LED backlights can instill a sense of motion and energy.

Moreover, the selection and placement of Alien wall art must be strategic. Surrounding walls should not be left neglected. Balancing larger pieces with smaller, complementary items can create an intriguing visual symphony. For example, the pairing of an extraterrestrial mural with minimalist alien silhouettes or abstract celestial bodies can create a balance between grandeur and subtlety.

Don’t shy away from integrating technology into your Alien wall decor. Projectors or interactive displays can create dynamic scenes of cosmic events or glimpses into alien cultures, ensuring that the walls are not static, but rather portals to other worlds.

The choice of colors plays a significant role in amplifying the essence of your Alien interior decorating ideas. Deep blues, purples, and metallic hues can evoke the endless night sky, while neon highlights can bring to life the pulsing energies of distant galaxies.

In closing, the amalgamation of carefully chosen Alien wall art and decorations will transcend your space beyond earthly confines. It’s an invitation not just to decorate, but to curate an experience that is out of this world.

3.  Rendered 3D Alien Planet’ Print Canvas

3D Rendered Alien Planet' Photographic Print on Wrapped Canvas3D Rendered Alien Planet’ Photographic Print on Wrapped Canvas3D Rendered Alien Planet' Photographic Print on Wrapped Canvas

Have you ever thought about what life would look like on an Alien planet? Chances are it would look much like it does in this piece of alien wall art.

A great choice for those who love the thought of life on Mars or on mystery planets in our solar system. Use in an office, living room or even man-cave. Perfect to pair with other types of alien wall decorations.

You will appreciate there are several sizes available which means it can be used for all sizes of wall spaces.

4. Alien Artist Series Framed Autographed by Sigourney Weaver

Alien Artist Series Framed Autographed by Sigourney WeaverAlien Artist Series Framed Autographed by Sigourney WeaverAlien Artist Series Framed Autographed by Sigourney Weaver

Chances are you absolutely love the cult Classic Sci-Fi Thriller “Alien” if you are drawn to this. It is a one of a kind masterpiece autographed by Sigourney Weaver. And for those who may not know Sigourney Weaver. who played Ellen Ripley.

Having said that this is an excellent piece of Sci-fi memorabilia / alien wall decor that is bound to attract and captivate everyone who gazes upon it.

Given the fact his piece is an attention grabber it is best to feature it where it will be seen by friends and family.   A movie room would be an excellent location for this piece of movie wall art.

Through the Portal: Crafting a Celestial Domain with Alien Wall Decor

Through the Portal Crafting a Celestial Domain with Alien Wall DecorOne of the most enthralling aspects of interior design is the boundless creativity that it affords. This has led to the emergence of Alien interior decorating ideas as an exquisite way to transform living spaces into celestial realms. The Alien wall decor takes the spotlight, serving as a mesmerizing focal point that enchants and enthralls.

First and foremost, the selection of Alien wall art is paramount. In this particular setting, the striking large-scale artwork of an alien head with a cosmic backdrop serves as a majestic centerpiece. The piece commands attention and ignites the imagination, encouraging minds to wander through the stars. To accentuate the main piece, it’s essential to consider complementary wall decorations such as smaller, framed pieces of abstract alien art or possibly items that resemble artifacts from an alien civilization.

The choice of color palette is essential in enhancing the Alien wall decor. This interior shines with its daring and sumptuous shades of purple – a color that is often associated with mystery and magic. The luxuriously upholstered furniture in deep purple, set against walls of a similar hue, creates a cocoon of color that enhances the ethereal quality of the space.

Lighting also plays a crucial role in bringing Alien wall decorations to life. Employ ambient lighting with a soft, otherworldly glow to highlight the art pieces and give depth to the room. Intriguing floor lamps and strategically placed sconces can add to the ambiance, casting light and shadow in a delicate dance.

Do not forget the power of textures and accents. Plush cushions, metallic elements, and verdant indoor plants can break the monotony and add layers of intrigue.

By attentively curating your Alien wall decor and crafting a harmonious atmosphere, you can transport yourself and your guests to a distant galaxy, all within the comfort of your home.

5. ‘Blue Alien Planet’ Photographic Print on Wrapped Canvas

'Blue Alien Planet' Photographic Print on Wrapped Canvas‘Blue Alien Planet’ Photographic Print on Wrapped Canvas'Blue Alien Planet' Photographic Print on Wrapped Canvas

Instead of a raging red planet landscape as seen above we are now embarking on a journey to a blue mystical wonder land with this enchanting piece of alien wall art.

Notice the dreamy UFO’s that bring this blue planet to life. What feelings does this print invoke in you?

Using a piece of alien wall decor like this sparks curiosity and creative thinking. Making it perfect for a office or a artist studio. Moreover I would also include this in a library, den or study.

6. ‘Alien – Far Out’ Graphic Art Print on Canvas

'Alien - Far Out' Graphic Art Print on Canvas‘Alien – Far Out’ Graphic Art Print on Canvas'Alien - Far Out' Graphic Art Print on Canvas

Do you love rainbow almost psychedelic colors? if so this piece of alien wall decor will not only expand your mind but your color pallet.

This vivid rainbow colored alien wall art instantly brings drab wall spaces to life, invoking feelings of happiness, fun and creativity. Making it a fit for living room walls, office walls and even a bedroom wall. Indeed place this piece of alien wall decor anywhere where you want to spark conversation and create happy vibes.  Also keep in mind this would also be perfect for a dorm room.

Beyond Earth: Harmonizing Elegance and the Cosmos with Alien Wall Decor

Beyond Earth Harmonizing Elegance and the Cosmos with Alien Wall DecorFor those looking to craft an interior space that transcends the mundane and captures the allure of the cosmos, Alien interior decorating ideas offer an exciting and enchanting avenue. At the heart of such ethereal spaces lies the powerful presence of Alien wall decor. A well-chosen piece of Alien wall art can transport inhabitants across galaxies, and through times both ancient and futuristic.

In this sophisticated living area, the Alien wall decor takes center stage with an expansive piece depicting a tranquil alien landscape, replete with hovering spacecraft and twin planets. The artwork’s luminescence emanates a serene aura, while the sheer size of the canvas ensures that it acts as a window into another realm.

To complement this striking Alien wall art, the room employs a color palette that reflects the earthy and organic elements of distant worlds. The luxurious leather seating in rich, tawny hues is reminiscent of an explorer’s study, while the incorporation of live plants suggests the lushness of extraterrestrial flora.

Textures and materials are vital in creating a space that feels both opulent and otherworldly. The use of reflective surfaces, such as the glass coffee table and metallic accents, echoes the advanced technology often associated with alien civilizations. These elements contrast beautifully with the softness of the upholstered furnishings and rugs.

An exciting element to consider is adding retro-futuristic devices such as the vintage sound system showcased here. It bridges the gap between the bygone eras of early science fiction and the infinite possibilities the future holds.

In essence, when curating Alien interior decorating ideas, it is essential to create a delicate balance between the grandiosity of the cosmos and the warmth of earthly comforts. Through thoughtful selection of Alien wall art, and mindful integration of color, texture, and accents, one can create not just a living space, but a portal to the wonders of the universe.

7. ‘Alien Landscape at Sunset’ Alien Wall Decor on Canvas

'Alien Landscape at Sunset' Photographic Print Multi-Piece Image on Canvas‘Alien Landscape at Sunset’ Photographic Print Multi-Piece Image on Canvas'Alien Landscape at Sunset' Photographic Print Multi-Piece Image on Canvas

If you love picturesque vibrant landscapes then you are going to love this beautiful piece of alien wall decor. A great find for those who love fantasy wall art.

This multi-piece wall art set provides an unlimited amount of decorating options. You can arrange the 4 panels together or use them as separates Making it a fabulous choice for those who love bright colors.

Furthermore, this piece of wall decor is great for any room that needs colorful art that tells a story.

8. ‘Alien Green Carbonation’ Framed Alien Wall Art

'Alien Green Carbonation' Framed Graphic Art‘Alien Green Carbonation’ Framed Graphic Art'Alien Green Carbonation' Framed Graphic Art

Aesthetically gorgeous and wicked creepy this piece of alien wall decor command attention and invokes feelings of intrigue. Admittedly I love the bold shades of green, red and orange.

Perfect for a man cave or game room that is geared towards a science fiction theme. You will appreciate this is framed which elevates this piece of colorful alien wall art.

Equally cool , this piece of alien wall art is unique as no two canvases are alike meaning you have something that is one of a kind.

A Galactic Refuge: Melding Form and Fantasy with Alien Wall Decor

A Galactic Refuge Melding Form and Fantasy with Alien Wall DecorIn the quest to create a living space that transcends the confines of the ordinary, Alien interior decorating ideas offer a canvas to paint your interstellar dreams. At the heart of this transcendent design paradigm is Alien wall decor, which acts as the cornerstone of the atmosphere you aim to create.

In this visually arresting living room, the Alien wall art is truly immersive, with vibrant displays of celestial events and futuristic architecture enveloping the space. Rather than a singular piece, the walls themselves become the canvas, depicting the swirling energy of a foreign galaxy.

This approach to Alien wall decorations demands harmonization with the rest of the room. Here, the furniture selections echo the sleekness and curvature associated with advanced spacecraft. The use of a lounge chair that mimics the form of a flying saucer creates a sense of cohesion with the galactic theme.

Furthermore, the lighting choices are vital in establishing the atmosphere. The use of diffused, ambient lighting with cool tones reminiscent of space is juxtaposed with warmer, subtle lighting that adds depth and warmth to the room. The focal point becomes the elliptical light feature that dominates the ceiling, resembling a celestial event.

To accentuate the futuristic aesthetic without making it feel sterile, consider integrating natural elements such as plants. They add a splash of organic texture and color, softening the otherwise sleek environment.

Additionally, integrating functional elements that echo the Alien interior decorating theme, such as the bar section with arched shelves, creates a space that is not only visually engaging but practical and inviting.

In conclusion, the integration of Alien wall art and decorations should be undertaken with an attention to detail that ensures that every element of the space works in unison to transport its inhabitants to another galaxy, all while retaining a sense of home.

9. ‘Alien’ Wall Art Decor Canvas Print

'Alien' Graphic Art Print on Canvas‘Alien’ Graphic Art Print on Canvas'Alien' Graphic Art Print on Canvas

If you are feeling playful or have kids who are playful they will adore this cute cartoon robot piece of alien wall decor.

Perfect for including in a kids bedroom, classroom, game room or play area.

Alternatively this would also look great when used as nursery wall decor for a boy.

You will appreciate this piece of wall art is easy to hang and comes in several different sizes making it great for almost any wall size.

10.’Alien Planet’ 5 Piece Alien Planet Wall Art Canvas Set

'Alien Planet' 5 Piece Graphic Art on Wrapped Canvas Set‘Alien Planet’ 5 Piece Graphic Art on Wrapped Canvas Set'Alien Planet' 5 Piece Graphic Art on Wrapped Canvas Set

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to live on an alien planet? Would it look like the photo on the right? How do you envision it?

I saved the best for last as I absolutely love this piece of alien wall decor that depicts the inner workings of life on an alien planet.

You will appreciate that these 5 panels have limitless decorating options as you can place them in many different formations and design layouts. Alternatively you could create a super funky space motif by using them as separates.

No matter how you place them , you are guaranteed to spark conversation and attract attention from family and friends who love UFO’s and aliens.

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