Dreamy Egyptian Wall Art
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Egyptian wall decor will effortlessly make any room within your home feel elegant and look timeless. Like Moroccan wall decor, Egyptian wall decorations blend in well with virtually every home decor theme. Although do exercise caution when using gold Egyptian wall decor as a little bit goes a long ways. After all you don’t want your home to look gaudy. However easier said than done because gold is a key color in Egyptian home decor.

Speaking of colors, Egyptian themed home decor contains deep shades of brown, red, gold, blue and of course yellow. Be sure to focus on one of these colors while pairing it with a neutral tone such as grey or white.

Moreover make it a point to include a rich variety of textures to spark visual interest. Consider using wood, glass, marble, and glass wall art to make walls instantly come alive. Additionally consider using Egyptian wall decorations such as Egyptian wall clocks, Egyptian wall hangings and Egyptian wall decor to create a luxurious vibe.  All of these when combined has the potential to create your very own posh Egyptian paradise from the comfort of your own home.  With that in mind keep reading below to see some of the most extravagant Egyptian wall decorations.

Decorating with Egyptian Wall Decor: Transport Your Space to the Land of the Pharaohs

Decorating with Egyptian Wall Decor: Transport Your Space to the Land of the PharaohsIn the world of interior design, it is no surprise that the rich and vibrant culture of Ancient Egypt continues to capture the imagination. One of the most alluring facets of this ancient civilization is its art, especially the striking Egyptian wall decor. With its harmonious blend of colors, and the mystique that surrounds its symbols and hieroglyphs, Egyptian wall art can transform an ordinary room into an exotic retreat.

At the heart of Egyptian interior decorating ideas is the use of Egyptian wall decorations. These embody the spirit and grandeur of the Pharaohs and the pantheon of Egyptian deities. Hieroglyphs, pyramids, sphinxes, and countless other symbols deeply rooted in history and mythology can find a place on your walls. Whether you opt for intricate hand-painted murals or tasteful art pieces, these elements will add an air of elegance and mystery to your space.

One stunning example is the image above, which portrays a luxurious bathroom ensconced in Egyptian grandeur. The Egyptian wall decor is the star, enveloping the room in ancient splendor. The wall art features a striking golden pyramid and Egyptian figures, creating an immersive experience that transports you to an opulent bathhouse from the time of the Pharaohs.

The colors are a key component in achieving this look. Rich blues reminiscent of the Nile, golds, and earthy tones are characteristic of Egyptian art. These colors not only bring warmth but also regality to the space. In the image, the gold faucets and the deep blue walls accentuate each other, bringing a sense of royalty that is synonymous with Ancient Egypt.

Let’s zoom in on the mural. Egyptian wall art is known for its attention to detail and symbolic meaning. Here, the central figure is adorned with traditional Egyptian regalia, and the pyramid likely symbolizes the eternal journey of the soul. Such art pieces do not merely decorate; they also narrate stories of the past.

Pairing wall art with matching decor accessories amplifies the Egyptian feel. In this image, the bath is surrounded by ornate columns reminiscent of ancient temples. Golden decorative vases, a rug with hieroglyphs, and candlelight add to the allure. Even the chandelier draws inspiration from the sun discs often depicted in Egyptian art.

However, it’s important not to overdo it. Egyptian interior decorating ideas can be opulent, but the key is to create a balanced space. For instance, while the walls in the picture are richly adorned, the bath itself is in simple white. This not only provides a respite for the eyes but also evokes the luxury of ancient bathhouses.

In conclusion, integrating Egyptian wall decorations into your home can be a magnificent way to immerse yourself in the culture and history of Ancient Egypt. From intricate Egyptian wall art to coordinated accessories, the options are endless. By focusing on wall art and using complementary elements, you can bring a piece of this ancient civilization into your very own home.

Trendy Egyptian Wall Decor

Egyptian wall art is unbelievably trendy currently, indeed you can notice this by simply checking out TV, magazines and even neighbors.  Understandably so as Egyptian wall art is the epitome of chic and stylish.

Egyptian Abstraction-Wall Clock, Egyptian wall decorEgyptian Abstraction-Wall Clock, Egyptian wall decorView DetailsDesign Toscano Medinet Habu Sculptural Egyptian Wall ClockDesign Toscano Medinet Habu Sculptural Egyptian Wall ClockView DetailsEgyptian Wall Art - Ancient Egyptian Ankh Wall DécorEgyptian Wall Art – Ancient Egyptian Ankh Wall DécorView DetailsEgyptian Wall Art - Egyptian Design #2 Graphic ArtEgyptian Wall Art – Egyptian Design #2 Graphic ArtView DetailsEgyptian Design #1 by Auguste Racinet Graphic ArtEgyptian Design #1 by Auguste Racinet Graphic ArtView DetailsEgyptian Wall Decoration - Traditional Graphic ArtEgyptian Wall Decoration – Traditional Graphic ArtView Details

The Ancient Charm of Pharaohs: Infusing Your Living Room with Exquisite Egyptian Wall Decor and Art

The Ancient Charm of Pharaohs Infusing Your Living Room with Exquisite Egyptian Wall Decor and ArtDive into the world of ancient luxury and mysticism with Egyptian interior decorating ideas. The ancient Egyptians were connoisseurs of art, and their taste has transcended time to become a vogue in contemporary interior design. A space accentuated with Egyptian wall decorations doesn’t just create an aesthetic ambience but an immersive experience reminiscent of the ancient Nile Valley.

In the living room, Egyptian wall decor is more than an accessory; it’s the life of the room. The image depicted showcases a sublime Egyptian-themed living room, bathed in vibrant blues and dazzling golds. The walls are the canvases conveying tales of the Pharaohs, and they are brilliantly utilized in this living space.

At the center stage is the resplendent Egyptian wall art. The panel on the wall is adorned with Ankh symbols, representing eternal life, and enveloped with hieroglyphic carvings. This piece doesn’t just add visual magnificence to the room, but it also brings in an essence of rich cultural heritage. It’s an excellent idea to use such significant symbols in your decor as conversation starters.

Alongside the central wall panel are tall, slender columns. These golden structures invoke the grandeur of ancient temples, giving the room a palatial feel. They also perfectly complement the wall art, accentuating its prominence.

Now, a perfect accompaniment to the Egyptian wall decorations is the choice of color. Deep blues are reminiscent of the sacred River Nile, which was integral to the Egyptian civilization. Meanwhile, the gold represents the treasures and riches of the Pharaohs. In this living room, the vibrant blue and gold create a rich contrast, which is both warm and regal.

While the walls captivate your senses, the subtle details in the furniture and accessories further elevate the Egyptian theme. The living room features a plush teal sofa laden with cushions that display traditional Egyptian patterns. This adds an additional layer of texture and color that enhances the depth of the room.

A critical aspect of Egyptian interior decorating is the harmonious blend of opulence and comfort. The living room is not just to please the eye but to provide a welcoming space. Here, the lush flowers and ample seating area invite you to sink into the cushioned seats and lose yourself in the world of the ancient deities.

The final touch is the lighting. In this living room, a golden, ornate chandelier hangs from the ceiling, resembling the golden discs the ancient Egyptians associated with the sun. The ambient lighting from the chandelier and the candles is soft, mimicking the warm Egyptian sun and completing the overall atmosphere.

In summary, by incorporating Egyptian wall decor, rich colors, comfortable seating, and appropriate lighting, this living room is transformed into a regal Egyptian hall. It’s a fine example of how, with thoughtfully chosen Egyptian wall art and decorations, you can recreate an ancient era within the confines of your modern home. Whether you wish to revamp your entire space or just incorporate elements, Egyptian interior decorating ideas offer boundless possibilities for creating a living space that is both magnificent and inviting.

Dreamy Egyptian BedroomCool Egyptian Wall Sculptures

Consider using some of these cool Egyptian wall sculptures on walls around your home.  As they provide texture, depth and create curiosity among family and friends.

Design Toscano Anubis, the Jackal God Wall SculptureDesign Toscano Anubis, the Jackal God Wall SculptureView DetailsThe Ancient Ankh Egyptian Symbol of Life Wall SculptureThe Ancient Ankh Egyptian Symbol of Life Wall SculptureView DetailsBastet Mask Egyptian Rustic Wall Plaque Sculpture - cat sculptureBastet Mask Egyptian Rustic Wall Plaque Sculpture – cat sculptureView DetailsDesign Toscano Tutankhamen Egyptian Wall SculptureDesign Toscano Tutankhamen Egyptian Wall SculptureView DetailsNileCart™ Wall Sculpture - Egyptian Wall DecorationNileCart™ Wall Sculpture – Egyptian Wall DecorationView DetailsEgyptian Snake Goddesses Decorative Sculptural HomeEgyptian Snake Goddesses Decorative Sculptural HomeView Details

The Pharaoh’s Retreat: Adorning Your Living Room with Resplendent Egyptian Wall Decor and Timeless Elegance

Unravel the Mysteries of Egypt in Your Opulent Living RoomAs you traverse the pages of history, you find Egypt standing with its majestic pyramids and mysterious hieroglyphics, waiting to be explored. Imagine bringing this rich tapestry of culture into your living room with Egyptian interior decorating ideas. This journey through time can be achieved by choosing the right Egyptian wall decor, which serves as the crux of the transformation.

The living room shown in the image above is an epitome of grandiosity and culture. The Egyptian wall decorations stand bold and regal, demanding your admiration.

The pièce de résistance of this living space is the Egyptian wall art featuring a larger-than-life bust of an ancient Egyptian ruler. With a golden headdress and intricately detailed neckpiece, this art piece becomes the focus. This is not merely a decoration; it’s a statement that defines the very character of the room.

Surrounding the bust are an assortment of symbols, including vases and hieroglyphics, all in golden hues. These reflect not only the opulence of the ancient civilization but also its deep roots in culture and art. The gold-on-black is a contrast that resonates with power and richness.

With the wall as your historical canvas, let’s step into modern comfort. The seating arrangement is plush, with dark-toned sofas that provide a sense of coziness. The cushions bear traditional Egyptian patterns, tying them to the theme without overpowering the space.

A living room should be warm and inviting, and adding natural elements is key. Here, plants and flowers add a burst of color and freshness to the room, providing a contrast to the dark tones.

The centerpiece, a golden low table, adds to the Egyptian theme. Its presence, along with the vases and other decorative pieces in gold, gives continuity to the design.

As we look up, we see a stunning chandelier in an Egyptian design. The lighting is an integral part of the ambiance. It needs to be warm and golden to evoke the feel of being in a Pharaoh’s palace.

Finally, adding texture through rugs with Egyptian patterns completes the room. The rug in the image, placed centrally, adds an earthy tone that complements the overall design.

In summary, creating a living room with Egyptian wall decorations requires a balance between the bold and the subtle. While the Egyptian wall art takes center stage, the accompaniments of color, texture, and natural elements are what make the room a personal space. Through carefully chosen pieces and attention to detail, you can transport yourself and your guests to an era that continues to enchant and bewilder.

Egyptian Bedroom with Egyptian Wall ArtEgyptian Wall Hangings

Perfect for adding hints of softness to any room, Egyptian wall hangings make any room stand out.  These Egyptian decorative accents are versatile meaning you can use them as wall art, window coverings, table cloths and the list goes on!  Additionally these pieces of Egyptian wall art are easy to clean and are effortless to store.

(Egyptian) European Wall Tapestry - Egyptian wall decor(Egyptian) European Wall Tapestry – Egyptian wall decorView DetailsEgypt Gods Tapestry Egyptian Mummy TapestryEgypt Gods Tapestry Egyptian Mummy TapestryView DetailsEgyptian  Wall Art Decor   Egyptian TempleEgyptian  Wall Art Decor   Egyptian TempleView DetailsAmbesonne Egypt Decor Tapestry, Ancient Hyeroglyphs IconsAmbesonne Egypt Decor Tapestry, Ancient Hyeroglyphs IconsView DetailsEgyptian Tapestry Wall Hanging Tapestry Wall Art DecorEgyptian Tapestry Wall Hanging Tapestry Wall Art DecorView DetailsDesert Egyptian Pyramid Sphinx Tapestry Wall Hanging TapestryDesert Egyptian Pyramid Sphinx Tapestry Wall Hanging TapestryView Details

Enliven Your Space with Regal Egyptian Wall Decor and Interior Decorating Ideas

Enliven Your Space with Regal Egyptian Wall Decor and Interior Decorating IdeasWhen you decide to drench your living space in the mystique of ancient civilizations, Egyptian wall decor can become the heart of your design. With a rich history that captivates the imagination, Egyptian interior decorating ideas can infuse your home with an exotic charm that’s unmatched.

Egyptian wall art often features hieroglyphics, ancient deities, and ornate patterns reminiscent of the intricate designs found in the tombs of pharaohs. If you’re looking to create a living room that exudes magnificence and history, the Egyptian wall decorations will provide a royal backdrop.

Firstly, to establish a focal point, select a piece of Egyptian wall art that is both rich in color and intricate in design. Consider large wall plaques or tapestries that depict Egyptian gods and goddesses, surrounded by hieroglyphs. In the image shown, the wall art behind the plush purple couch effortlessly brings ancient Egypt into the modern living space. The golden hues of the deities contrasted against the carved wooden background exude opulence.

To amplify the impact, complement the central Egyptian wall art with additional Egyptian wall decorations. This can include smaller art pieces or decorative panels placed symmetrically on either side, as seen in the image. Such a setup not only draws attention to the primary art piece but also creates a balanced look that’s soothing to the eye.

Color plays an essential role in Egyptian interior decorating ideas. Warm tones such as gold, bronze, and rich jewel tones like emerald green, royal blue, and regal purple are evocative of the sumptuousness associated with ancient Egyptian art. The image showcases how the deep purple walls create a luxurious ambiance while the golden accents in the Egyptian wall decor and vases add an elegant sheen.

The couch, upholstered in a regal purple fabric, harmonizes with the color scheme while offering a comfortable space for relaxation. Placing colorful throw pillows with patterns inspired by Egyptian art adds depth and texture to the seating area.

Incorporate greenery into the design for a refreshing touch. Tall potted plants, as seen in the image, bring in an element of nature that juxtaposes beautifully with the regality of the Egyptian decor.

Now, let’s focus on accent furniture. Opt for pieces that have intricate carvings and designs that resemble ancient Egyptian architecture. A wooden coffee table adorned with hieroglyphics, and golden embellishments is a fitting choice. In the image, the table’s ornate detailing enhances the allure of the space.

Lastly, do not overlook the power of accessories. A collection of Egyptian-inspired vases, statuettes, and artifacts strategically placed on shelves or tabletops will tie the room together.

In essence, Egyptian wall decor and Egyptian interior decorating ideas are about blending the opulence and mystique of ancient Egypt with the comforts of modern living. With thoughtful selection and placement of Egyptian wall art, colors, furniture, and accessories, you can create a living space that is both luxurious and inviting.

Egyptian Themed Living Room Featuring Egyptian Wall ArtThe Allure of Anubis: Inside an Egyptian-Inspired Sanctuary

Nestled in the heart of a modern metropolis, there lies a space that transcends time, a living room steeped in the mysteries of ancient Egypt. The allure of Anubis, the jackal-headed god of the afterlife, seems to preside over this sanctuary, a place where mythology breathes through every element, creating a serene yet vibrant tapestry of history and luxury.

As you step through the threshold, your senses are immediately enveloped by the rich, velvety darkness of teal walls, reminiscent of the life-giving Nile set against the twilight sky. The walls serve as a canvas to an array of Egyptian artifacts and motifs that adorn this sacred space, each telling a story of a civilization that once stood at the pinnacle of human achievement.

Central to the room’s composition is a plush sofa, the color of lapis lazuli, a gemstone treasured by Egyptian royalty. It invites you to recline like a pharaoh amidst an array of cushions, each intricately patterned with hieroglyphs and geometric designs that hint at the complex mathematics the Egyptians mastered.

Above, a golden lamp hangs like a silent sun, casting a warm, ambient glow that illuminates the room. Its interior reflects the light in a manner that would have pleased Ra, the sun god, bathing the room in a golden hue that echoes the legendary treasures of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

To one side, a large, ornate vase holds a bounty of flowers, their colors a vibrant counterpoint to the room’s dark tones. These blooms could represent the lotuses often depicted in ancient wall paintings, bringing beauty, fragrance, and a touch of the fertile banks of the Nile into this urban oasis.

The walls are graced with tapestries and plaques that feature the iconic pyramid and eye of Horus, symbols of protection and power. They stand alongside sculptures that mimic the grandeur of temple pillars, while small brass urns and trinkets gleam with a patina that whispers of ages past.

At the room’s center, a coffee table of dark wood and gilded accents invites intimate gatherings. On it, a collection of brass vessels and a delicate incense burner hint at the ancient rituals that would accompany the telling of tales of gods and pharaohs under a starlit sky.

The flooring, a Persian rug rich with the hues of the desert and the delta, provides a foundation as solid and enduring as the pyramids themselves. Its patterns are a maze of history, each thread a story, each knot a link to the past.

Flanking the sofa, tall plants reach upwards, their fronds brushing the ceiling, evoking the papyrus reeds that line the Nile. These living elements infuse the space with life, a nod to the Egyptian reverence for nature and the cycles of life and death, growth and decay.

This is not merely a room; it is a voyage. The dim light of candles flickers against the brass, the flowers offer a fragrant reminder of the ever-present oasis, and the textiles speak in whispers of the looms of a people who once charted the stars.

Here, in this modern homage to ancient Egypt, the past is not just remembered; it is felt, touched, and lived. As you sink into the embrace of the sofa, you become a part of the tapestry, a witness to the legacy of a civilization that continues to inspire and captivate the souls of those who enter this temple of time.

Dark Egyptian BedroomEgyptian Canvas Wall Art

Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and offices, Egyptian wall art is the definition of captivating.  Especially for family and friends as they will marvel at your tastes in ancient Egyptian wall art.

Old Egyptian Art Picture on Stretched Canvas, Wall Art Décor,Old Egyptian Art Picture on Stretched Canvas, Wall Art Décor,View DetailsTiger Tiger By Amy Cheng - bright Egyptian wall decorTiger Tiger By Amy Cheng – bright Egyptian wall decorView Details- Kristopher Eye of Horus Wall Décor– Kristopher Eye of Horus Wall DécorView DetailsEgyptian Wall Canvas Pharaoh Mask Ancient Egypt Art King TUTEgyptian Wall Canvas Pharaoh Mask Ancient Egypt Art King TUTView DetailsAieefun Canvas Wall Decor Art Painting , Egyptian Horus EyeAieefun Canvas Wall Decor Art Painting , Egyptian Horus EyeView DetailsGoddess Isis Protector of the Egyptian Kingdom Wall DécorGoddess Isis Protector of the Egyptian Kingdom Wall DécorView Details

Unlock the Secrets of the Nile: A Pharaoh’s Guide to Egyptian Wall Decor and Interior Decorating Ideas

Unlock the Secrets of the Nile A Pharaoh's Guide to Egyptian Wall Decor and Interior Decorating IdeasImmerse yourself in the ancient world of the pharaohs and the splendors of the Nile as we journey through the enchanting realm of Egyptian wall decor. The allure of ancient Egypt with its grand pyramids, mysterious hieroglyphics, and deities, makes for an enticing décor theme. To create a space that is both majestic and intriguing, one must delve deep into the riches that Egyptian wall art and decorations offer.

Akin to the pyramids, a strong foundation is vital. Opt for deep, earthy tones for the walls. The image shown illustrates the mystical aura that a dark teal wall color exudes, acting as the Nile upon which the Egyptian wall decor sails.

Now, for the crowning glory – Egyptian wall art. Choose pieces that are not just decorative, but tell tales of yore. The image features stunning Egyptian wall decorations, with large panels that depict ancient Egyptian deities and symbols in golden hues against a rustic wooden background. The hieroglyphics whisper stories, drawing one into the age of the pharaohs.

Flanking the central artwork with complementary panels enhances the regal ambiance. These should be in sync with the central piece, yet distinct enough to not overpower it. A wise choice would be panels that feature symbolic Egyptian elements such as the Ankh or Eye of Horus.

With the walls echoing tales of the ancients, it is time to grace the space with furniture that reflects the opulence of Egyptian palaces. Low seating sofas in earthy tones, as seen in the image, evoke the feel of the lounge areas frequented by Egyptian royalty. The coffee table could be an antique piece with Egyptian engravings, akin to the one in the image. This harmonizes with the Egyptian wall art, and acts as an anchor for the space.

Adorn the seating area with cushions that are resplendent in gold and have patterns reminiscent of Egyptian motifs. This adds a layer of luxury and comfort, while also tying in with the Egyptian wall decorations.

An Egyptian setting is incomplete without the riches. Intersperse the space with decorative elements like golden urns, intricately carved vases, and perhaps a statue or two of Egyptian deities.

Another magical element that one can imbibe from the image is the use of flora. The ancient Egyptians revered nature, and incorporating plants into the décor not only adds freshness but is also an homage to the ancient culture. Opt for tall, lush plants reminiscent of the banks of the Nile.

Rugs with Egyptian patterns can demarcate the space, and throw the rest of the décor into relief. The rug in the image, for instance, is rich in hues and patterns, giving the floor depth and character.

Lighting must not be neglected, as it is the final touch that can either make or break your Egyptian paradise. Soft, ambient lighting will cast a warm glow reminiscent of the Egyptian desert sands, accentuating the gold tones of the Egyptian wall decorations.

In conclusion, to create a space that is worthy of the pharaohs, it is imperative to choose Egyptian wall art and decorations that not only speak to you but also sing harmoniously together. Combine this with regal furniture, rich fabrics, decorative elements, and ambient lighting, and the secrets of the Nile shall be yours.

Enigmatic Oasis: A Realm of Midnight Blues and Pharaonic EleganceEnigmatic Oasis: A Realm of Midnight Blues and Pharaonic Elegance

In the embrace of twilight hues, an enigmatic oasis unfolds within the four walls of this sanctum, a chamber swathed in the rich tapestry of a pharaoh’s dream. A realm where time whispers ancient secrets, your gaze is drawn to the centerpiece, an imposing bed crowned with a canopy that mirrors the pyramids’ grandeur. Cloaked in the depth of midnight blues, the bedding beckons with a siren’s call, promising slumber wrapped in the arms of the Nile’s serene embrace.

Each pillow, a mosaic of colors, is woven with the enchanting patterns of a bygone era, beckoning with the allure of forbidden knowledge and lost arts. The surrounding walls, a canvas of deep teal, are graced with the geometric precision of hieroglyphs and triangles, conjuring the essence of sacred temples hidden within the desert’s heart.

Golden accents, the sun-kissed treasures of a long-forgotten dynasty, are scattered with deliberate grace. Side tables, lamps, and ornate vessels gleam with a lustrous sheen, a silent homage to the opulence of the gods. Amidst this treasure trove, the ambient glow of candles flickers, their flames dancing like the spirits of old, casting a warm, hypnotic glow that soothes the soul.

The air is lush with greenery, potted palms, and verdant fronds stretching upwards, yearning for the painted sky. They stand as sentinels, infusing life’s breath into this hallowed space, their silhouettes a stark contrast against the geometric order, a reminder of the wild beauty that thrives along the banks of the eternal river.

Luxurious rugs, rich with patterns and tales of distant caravans, lay underfoot, a plush mosaic that cushions each step and leads you further into this dream woven from the threads of the night. Their intricate designs and deep, resonant colors are a symphony for the senses, a magic carpet ride through the desert’s enigmatic wonders.

In this chamber, each moment lingers, a droplet in the vast ocean of time. The floral adornments, a cascade of vibrant hues, are the desert blooms that flourish amidst adversity, their fragrance a heady perfume that enchants and captivates, wrapping you in a cloak of splendor that transcends the mundane.

Here, in this nocturnal paradise, the world outside fades to a distant echo. You are invited to recline, to let the day’s masquerade fall away, as you succumb to the room’s hypnotic embrace. It’s a place of power and tranquility, where each breath is a sip of history, each glance an audience with royalty, and each night a passage through dreams spun from the golden threads of an eternal Egypt.

Dark Egyptian Living RoomEgyptian Wall Decor –  Egyptian Posters and Prints

Instantly enhance the style and richness of any room with these eye-catching yet modern Egyptian wall decorations.

Buyenlarge Egyptian Wall Decor - Home Wall Art DecorBuyenlarge Egyptian Wall Decor – Home Wall Art DecorView DetailsCrux Ansata Egyptian Ankh of Isis Wall DecorCrux Ansata Egyptian Ankh of Isis Wall DecorView DetailsEgyptian wall decor - Kristopher Eye of Horus Wall DécorEgyptian wall decor – Kristopher Eye of Horus Wall DécorView DetailsHandmade Resin/Plastic Religious And Spiritual Wall DecorHandmade Resin/Plastic Religious And Spiritual Wall DecorView DetailsEgyptian Wall Decor - Goddess Isis Wall DécorEgyptian Wall Decor – Goddess Isis Wall DécorView DetailsPharaoh Rameses I Egyptian Ruler Wall SculpturePharaoh Rameses I Egyptian Ruler Wall SculptureView Details

Egyptian Wall Decoration Sale

Obviously as a savvy home decorator you too appreciate a good sale.  Especially exciting when it comes to Egyptian wall decor as it is a niche item and can be hard to find.  Admittedly I have spent a great deal of time trying to find this type of home wall art decor at home decor stores and trade shows with disappointing results.  As there were not a great deal to pick from and what I did find was tacky or gaudy which is unacceptable.

Fortunately you will be absolutely delighted by the choices of Egyptian wall art online.  You can easily find some of the most beautiful Egyptian home wall art decor at a very affordable price.

Egyptian Queen Wall Decor Kids Room Contemporary PictureEgyptian Queen Wall Decor Kids Room Contemporary PictureView DetailsSEVEN WALL ARTS- Egyptian Pyramids Print Modern ArtSEVEN WALL ARTS- Egyptian Pyramids Print Modern ArtView DetailsEgyptian Sphinx And Pyramid Wall Decor Picture Black Framed ArtEgyptian Sphinx And Pyramid Wall Decor Picture Black Framed ArtView DetailsStartonight Egyptian Myth Painting for Living RoomStartonight Egyptian Myth Painting for Living RoomView DetailsMask of Ancient Egyptian God: Bastet Wall DécorMask of Ancient Egyptian God: Bastet Wall DécorView DetailsWood Religious And Spiritual Wall DecorWood Religious And Spiritual Wall DecorView Details

Dreaming with the Pharaohs: Transform Your Bedroom into a Luxurious Egyptian Oasis with Elegant Wall Decor

Dreaming with the Pharaohs Transform Your Bedroom into a Luxurious Egyptian Oasis with Elegant Wall DecorWhen it comes to interior decorating, it’s the careful choice of elements that breathe life into a room. Amongst the many styles available, incorporating Egyptian interior decorating ideas is synonymous with opulence, culture, and a hint of mysticism. The bedroom, a personal sanctuary, offers the perfect canvas to exhibit the beauty of Egyptian wall decorations.

The image illustrated is a quintessential example of how to manifest Egyptian grandeur within the confines of a bedroom. The focal point of the room is, undoubtedly, the Egyptian wall art, which is not only majestic but also deeply cultural.

The headboard area is adorned with a sumptuous mural depicting a pyramid flanked by Egyptian motifs. The pyramid, a structure that has intrigued many for centuries, immediately transports one to the land of the Nile. The golden hue resonates with wealth, and the design carries an aura of ancient secrets and sacred geometry.

Surrounding the central art piece, the walls are enveloped in deep blues, reminiscent of the Nile under a night sky. Such a rich color sets the tone for the room and makes an exquisite backdrop for the Egyptian wall decorations.

One cannot miss the vertical golden accents that mirror the obelisks of ancient Egypt. They add an air of spirituality and a royal touch to the room. The combination of blue and gold is classic in Egyptian art and creates a visual symphony.

The bed in this room is a statement piece itself, but it’s also there to complement the Egyptian wall decor. Draped in lush fabrics, the blue and golden colors of the beddings match the walls and decorations. Luxurious fabrics like velvet and silk add texture and reflect light beautifully, amplifying the feeling of opulence.

What makes this room ethereal is the attention to detail. The Egyptian theme is further accentuated by the accessories, like the nightstands reminiscent of ancient urns, the traditional patterns on the cushions, and the florals that give the room life.

The lighting is vital in creating the ambiance. In this room, the central lighting fixture resembles an inverted pyramid, tying back to the wall art. The soft lighting bathes the room in a warm glow, giving it a cozy and inviting feel.

Lastly, the use of plants adds freshness to the room, and their green color is a lovely contrast to the blues and golds. In ancient Egypt, plants were often used in homes and considered sacred.

In conclusion, this bedroom is a masterclass in Egyptian interior decorating ideas. By focusing on Egyptian wall art and complementing it with color, texture, and lighting, one can transform a simple bedroom into a sacred space. The mysticism and rich history of ancient Egypt can find a place in your home, and provide not just an aesthetic experience, but an emotional one.

Embracing the Majesty of Ancient Egypt: A Luxurious Living Room DesignEmbracing the Majesty of Ancient Egypt: A Luxurious Living Room Design

The living room depicted in the image is a masterpiece of interior design that pays homage to the grandeur of ancient Egyptian civilization. It’s a space where history is brought to life through carefully chosen decorative elements, colors, and textures, creating an ambiance of luxury that transcends time.

Upon entering the room, one’s gaze is immediately drawn to the dramatic wall mural that serves as the centerpiece of the space. The mural showcases an exquisitely detailed depiction of an Egyptian pharaoh, possibly Tutankhamun, known for his legendary golden mask that has become an icon of ancient Egypt. The mural is framed by hieroglyphs and motifs such as the ankh and lotus, symbols deeply rooted in Egyptian culture representing life, health, and purity.

The color palette is a thoughtful blend of deep blacks, rich golds, and warm earth tones that echo the sands and treasures of ancient tombs. The black walls provide a bold backdrop that allows the gold accents to shimmer with a radiant warmth, reflecting the opulence that ancient Egypt is renowned for.

Furnishings are carefully curated to complement the theme without overwhelming the senses. A luxurious black sofa anchors the room, adorned with throw pillows that feature geometric patterns reminiscent of Egyptian textiles. The choice of fabric textures adds depth to the space, from velvety cushions to the intricate weave of the area rug underfoot, which itself seems to tell a story with its tribal patterns and symbols.

Accent pieces are strategically placed throughout the room to maintain the ancient narrative. The side table and vases bear intricate designs that could have been plucked from a pharaoh’s palace, while the plants add a touch of the verdant Nile Delta to the interior landscape. A collection of brass and earthenware pots and statuettes are carefully displayed on the mantel, each piece contributing to the room’s curated collection of antiquities.

Lighting in the room is subtle yet effective, highlighting key areas and casting a warm, inviting glow. The choice of candles over modern lighting fixtures is a nod to the era being emulated, with the flickering flames casting dancing shadows that bring the mural to life.

The room is not just a living space; it is a journey back in time. It stands as a testament to the timeless allure of Egyptian aesthetics and the sophisticated craftsmanship of ancient artisans. This living room is a sanctuary for those who appreciate the splendor of history and the art of interior design, blending them into a seamless and luxurious living experience.

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