All Things Beautiful Home Decor Tribe on Tailwind

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Home Decor TribeAll Things BeautifulAll Things Beautiful Home Decor Tribe on Tailwind

If you are a home decor blogger and love to share beautiful home decor then I invite you to join all things beautiful home decor a tribe on tailwind.   For those who may not know tailwind is an amazing tool and community that allows Pinterest users connect and automate Pinterest marketing.

This tool alone has saved me 20 plus hours of a week per pinning which is why it is worth sharing with you.  As I know it will save you a SHIT load of time.  Trust me you will be cursing too when you see how much time you could have been saving doing something else.

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Essentially tailwind is a cutting edge marketing tool that allows savvy entrepreneurs and bloggers like yourself make Pinterest marketing easier by delivering the following features

  • Effortlessly schedule multiple pins  (bulk pinning – big time saver)
  • Instantly create pin schedules based on audience engagement of pins  (exclusive to Tailwind)
  • Advanced Pinterest / Board Analytics
  • Easily track your repins, comments and traffic on pins
  • Increase views, share and contribute your premium content with other tailwind users

Yes take me to Tailwind

Home Decor TribeAll Things Beautiful TailwindAll Things Beautiful Home Decor Tribe

We would love to have you become a part of our tribe especially if you are a home decor blogger.  However if you are not a home decor blogger but have home decor boards in need of content then please join also.

All Things Beautiful Home Decor Rules

There are few rules but the rules we have are enforced meaning repeat offenders will me removed without notice and not allowed back.  Our goal is to have a fun and friendly place where people can grow their blogs and achieve mutual success by helping each other.

  • 1 to 1 share ratio
  • Vertical pins 735 x 1102  (length not to exceed 1600)
  • Home decoration only no exceptions
  • No Chat Spam

After joining and becoming approved you will be able to contribute and share content with fellow tribe members.  Ease your way in and share a few pins however do not share your entire pin collection.   Use common sense here so share three or four and let some others after all we succeed together.

Yes I want to Join All Things Beautiful Home Decor Tribe

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2 thoughts on “All Things Beautiful Home Decor Tribe on Tailwind

  1. Getting the followers on my website was truly becoming hectic as I first started marketing on Pinterest. Came to know about Tailwind and gave it a try, but it got my account suspended and I was back to square one :/ Tried many other automation tools before finally settling for The service by PinPinterest is simply amazing. It has been over 4 months now that I have been using this and getting an exponential rise in the number of visits and followership. I love its sophisticated artificial intelligence that it uses to automate the pins, comments, web content traffic, and with this, I have also saved a lot of time when it comes to screening the content and picking the right one for the pins as it does it automatically. And now that it supports multiple Pinterest accounts in just one PinPinterest account, no other tool beats it in terms of features…

    1. Thank you for sharing with me about PinPinterest. I have not heard of them before but I will take a look as I am always on the look out for time savers. I have been with tailwind for well over a year and love it. Again so glad you dropped by and shared this resource. Have a great day.

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