Farmhouse living room featuring Route 66 Wall Art
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Embracing the spirit of Americana, Route 66 wall art embodies the essence of freedom and the adventure of the historic cross-country journey. The allure of Route 66 decor lies in its ability to evoke a sense of wanderlust and the golden era of road trips. This iconic highway, often referred to as the Main Street of America, has inspired countless artists to capture its essence, from vintage gas station signs to panoramic landscapes of the open road.

For those who cherish this iconic route, integrating Route 66 wall art into your home decor can be a tribute to the quintessential American road trip experience. Imagine a vintage Route 66 wall clock ticking away in your reading nook, its face reminiscent of a time when road maps were essential, and each stop along the highway had its own story. Or consider the warmth a canvas print of a classic diner or quaint motel sign could add to your living room, inviting conversations about travel and history.

Metal Route 66 wall art, often crafted with an industrial flair, can become a focal point in any office, adding character and inspiring a drive for exploration. These pieces, often repurposed from genuine materials found on the old route, can serve as a daily reminder of the rugged individualism and pioneering spirit that Route 66 represents.

Route 66 wall decor can range from nostalgic and retro to modern and abstract, ensuring there is something for every taste and interior design style. You can opt for large statement pieces that act as a centerpiece or smaller accents that contribute to a broader travel-themed decor. Whether it’s a muted, sepia-toned print that speaks to the history buff or a vibrant painting that captures the liveliness of the route’s heyday, the diversity of Route 66 art allows it to blend seamlessly with various interior themes, from rustic farmhouse to sleek urban.

So, for those with a heart for the open road and a penchant for storytelling through decor, delve into the world of Route 66 wall art. Explore today’s eclectic mix of Route 66-inspired pieces, and let the mother of all highways find a place on your walls and in your heart.

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Route 66 Themed Living room with Route 66 Wall ArtCruising Through Decor: The Diverse Art of Route 66

The allure of Route 66 has captured the hearts of road warriors and dreamers alike, its legacy cemented in the American ethos. The fascination with this historic highway has given rise to a unique genre of home decor: Route 66 wall art. This art form encompasses an array of styles, each reflecting the road’s storied past and the cultural tapestry it weaves from Chicago to Los Angeles.

Route 66 Wall Signs An emblematic choice for Route 66 enthusiasts is the classic wall sign. These signs come in various forms, from stamped metal plates that mimic the original highway signs to neon-look LED lights that evoke the neon glow of roadside diners and motels. These signs often feature the iconic Route 66 shield, with some displaying the names of the cities that the Mother Road passes through.

Distressed Wood Art For those who prefer a rustic touch, distressed wood art provides a warm, vintage feel. Artisans may use reclaimed wood from old barns or pallets, hand-painting the Route 66 emblem or maps of the highway onto the weathered surfaces. These pieces offer a tactile piece of history that adds depth and character to any room.

Canvas Prints Canvas prints offer versatility and a contemporary edge to Route 66 wall art. They can range from high-definition photographs of the highway’s famous landmarks to artistic interpretations of the route’s scenic vistas. These works are often colorful and detailed, capturing the vibrant essence of the journey.

Metal Wall Art Metal Route 66 wall art is for the aficionado of industrial chic. These pieces can include laser-cut designs that are precise and modern or hand-hammered metal that adds texture and dimension. They can be stand-alone representations of the Route 66 sign or elaborate compositions that incorporate elements of the road’s attractions.

License Plate Collages A creative twist on Route 66 art is the use of license plates from the eight states the highway crosses. These collages are often made by cutting and reassembling pieces of actual plates to form the iconic Route 66 sign or maps of the highway. They are colorful, eclectic, and carry a piece of authenticity, as many use vintage plates collected from antique stores.

Mural and Wallpaper For a bold statement, a Route 66-themed mural or wallpaper can transform a room into a panorama of the historic highway. These large-scale art pieces can depict detailed maps, scenes from popular stops along the route, or stylized representations of the road’s landmarks.

Themed Clocks Route 66-themed clocks blend functionality with style. These can range from minimalist designs featuring the Route 66 road sign to elaborate clocks that incorporate maps, vintage cars, or scenes from the route into their faces.

Custom Hand-Painted Art For the connoisseur, custom hand-painted pieces offer a personal touch. Local artists along the route often sell original works that capture the spirit of Route 66, from portraits of vintage cars to landscapes of the Southwest.

Incorporating Route 66 wall art into your home decor is a celebration of Americana and the romance of the road. Whether it’s through the rustic charm of distressed wood, the industrial edge of metal art, or the vivid storytelling of canvas prints, Route 66 wall art keeps the spirit of the open road alive within your living space.

Route 66 Wall Clocks

Timeless and rustic are a couple words that accurately describe most Route 66 wall clocks. In fact, these wall clocks are crazy popular right now which can be seen by watching TV or looking online. But don’t take my word for it check out some of the best Route 66 wall clocks to pick from.

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Route 66 Farmhouse Wall ArtThe Nostalgic Journey: Embracing the Route 66 Vibe in Home Decor

The Mother Road, Route 66, is not just a highway; it is a journey through time, an emblem of freedom and adventure. The very mention of Route 66 conjures images of classic cars, roadside diners, and neon signs—a nostalgic slice of Americana. When it comes to infusing the vibes and energy of Route 66 into a room, the theme brings with it a sense of history, culture, and a zest for life that is unparalleled.

The Route 66 Themed Room: A Retro Revival Creating a Route 66 themed room is about more than decor; it’s about evoking a feeling. It’s the warmth of a sun setting over a long stretch of desert highway, the excitement of discovering new places, and the comfort of familiar sights. The right room for this theme is one where relaxation meets reminiscence, where stories unfold and dreams travel.

Living Rooms and Entertainment Spaces The living room or den is an ideal space for a Route 66 theme. These communal areas are gathering places, reminiscent of the communal nature of the highway itself. Here, the theme promises lively conversations, reminiscent of travelers sharing tales over a meal at a diner. Infuse the space with large framed maps of the route, vintage gas station numbers, and travel posters that invite guests on a visual road trip.

Home Offices and Studies A Route 66 themed home office or study offers inspiration and escape. It’s the perfect backdrop for thought and creativity. Imagine a wall gallery featuring black-and-white photographs of historic landmarks or a collection of vintage car models parked atop a desk. These elements serve as a reminder of the journey, inspiring drive and innovation.

Key Elements of Route 66 Decor

  1. Color Palette: Start with a palette that reflects the colors of the road—steely grays, desert sands, sunset oranges, and sky blues. Pops of red from vintage cars or neon signs add an authentic touch.
  2. Wall Art: Incorporate iconic signage, such as replicas of the Route 66 road signs, vintage travel posters, and artwork featuring landmarks like the Cadillac Ranch or the Blue Whale of Catoosa.
  3. Furniture: Opt for retro-inspired furniture—think leather sofas with metal accents, reminiscent of classic car seats, and coffee tables that mimic old trunks or tire rims.
  4. Lighting: Neon lights and vintage lampshades can reproduce the glow of a roadside motel sign or a diner’s window, essential for creating ambiance.
  5. Accessories: Accessorize with throw pillows and blankets that have the Route 66 insignia or Americana patterns. Road map coasters, license plate clocks, and model cars make perfect accent pieces.
  6. Flooring: Aged wood flooring or rugs patterned with southwestern motifs can ground the space and tie the room together.
  7. Memorabilia: Introduce authentic items like old license plates, diner menus, or even a jukebox to give the room character and a genuine sense of place.

A Route 66 themed room can be both a tribute and a sanctuary, a place where the nostalgia of the past and the promise of the road ahead meet. It’s an interior style that doesn’t just sit quietly but instead speaks to the soul, reminding us of the endless possibilities that lie in the journey, not just the destination. Whether you’re decking out a cozy corner or an expansive space, the spirit of Route 66 can make any room a destination within itself.

Metal Route 66 Wall Art

Amazingly unique metal Route 66 wall art looks great both indoor and outdoors. Indeed this type of wall art would be perfect for an outdoor BBQ area or patio. As If you have traveled Route 66 you chances are stumbled on some good grub. Additionally Route 66 wall art decor would be a fun choice for a game room or man cave.

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Coastal Inspired Farmhouse Featuring Route 66 Wall ArtEndless Highways and Homely Havens: Route 66 Themed Rooms Across Home Styles

The allure of the open road, the mystique of yesteryear, and the quintessential American spirit—all are captured in the Route 66 theme, a decor style that’s as versatile as it is vibrant. Whether you reside in a modern loft or a rustic farmhouse, a Route 66 themed room can be tailored to fit seamlessly into your home, infusing it with the essence of this historic byway.

Route 66 in Shabby Chic Interiors In a shabby chic setting, Route 66 decor adds layers of richness and narrative to the deliberately distressed and antique ambiance. Think of soft, faded colors juxtaposed with the bright hues of a classic Route 66 sign. Incorporate upcycled furniture, like an old gas pump turned bookshelf or a diner booth reimagined as a cozy nook, to blend the past’s charm with the present’s comfort.

Country Homes and the Mother Road Country homes, with their natural materials and comfortable aura, provide a fitting backdrop for a Route 66 theme. Wooden wall panels can be the canvas for painted murals of the route, while checkered patterns and Americana motifs in textiles pay homage to the heartland through which Route 66 travels. Vintage route maps framed in reclaimed wood, alongside road trip photography, can tie the room together.

Modern Spaces and Retro Flair Even in the most contemporary of spaces, a Route 66 theme can drive home a sense of nostalgia without clashing with modern aesthetics. Sleek furniture with clean lines becomes a gallery for Route 66 memorabilia—think cushion covers depicting the famous highway or metal sculptures of iconic Route 66 landmarks. Interactive decor, like a pinboard marked with locations along the route, can add a personalized touch.

Industrial Lofts and the Great American Road The raw, unfinished look of industrial lofts works well with the Route 66 theme, echoing the gritty, adventurous vibe of the storied highway. Exposed brick walls adorned with neon signs or license plates, and floor lamps crafted from vintage car parts, reinforce the industrial feel while paying tribute to the automotive history of Route 66.

Coastal Retreats Riding the Route 66 Wave Even coastal homes can channel the Route 66 vibe by focusing on the route’s end point—the Pacific Coast. Marine blues and sandy beiges can dominate the palette, with decorative elements like surfboards or beach scene photography from California’s Route 66 stretch.

Cottage Charm Meets Roadside Romance The cozy confines of a cottage are an ideal setting for Route 66 decor. Soft, quilted throws depicting the route, pillowcases with state flags or symbols, and quaint, vintage roadside advertisement posters can create a warm, inviting space that tells a story.

Mountain Residences and the Route’s Rustic Spirit In mountain residences or cabins, the Route 66 theme can reflect the ruggedness of the landscape. Rawhide rugs, leather furnishings, and natural wood can be complemented by Route 66 artwork, especially pieces that highlight the route’s mountainous regions.

Route 66 themed rooms are not about where you live, but how you live. It’s about embracing a journey that has become a legend and integrating its history, culture, and sense of adventure into your living space. Regardless of the home style—be it shabby chic, country, modern, industrial, coastal, cottage, or mountain—the Route 66 theme can pave a path to a unique and personalized interior that resonates with the timeless spirit of America’s favorite highway.

Route 66 Canvas Wall Art

Often the most popular and traditional Route 66 canvas wall art makes any home feel cozy and rustic. Which is why this type of Route 66 wall art makes a great gift for travel enthusiasts.

Oriental Furniture Route 66 Canvas Wall Art - rustic route 66 wall decorOriental Furniture Route 66 Canvas Wall Art – rustic route 66 wall decorView DetailsOklahoma - Route 66 License Plates (10x15 Wood Wall Sign, Wall DecorOklahoma – Route 66 License Plates (10×15 Wood Wall Sign, Wall DecorView DetailsMap of Route 66 from Los Angeles to Chicago Art Print, Wall Decor Travel Poster)Map of Route 66 from Los Angeles to Chicago Art Print, Wall Decor Travel Poster)View Detailsbuyartforless CAN GWrap Canvas Route 66  Gallery Wrap Art Decor by Jean Ploutbuyartforless CAN GWrap Canvas Route 66  Gallery Wrap Art Decor by Jean PloutView DetailsVintage Motorcycles On Route 66 14 by Jean Plout, 14x14-Inch Canvas Wall ArtVintage Motorcycles On Route 66 14 by Jean Plout, 14×14-Inch Canvas Wall ArtView DetailsRoute 66 Wreath Illuminated Canvas - Route 66 canvas wall art decorationsRoute 66 Wreath Illuminated Canvas – Route 66 canvas wall art decorationsView Details

Country Farmhouse Featuring Route 66 Wall ArtThe Gift of the Open Road: Route 66 Wall Art for Every Travel Enthusiast

Route 66 wall art is more than a mere decorative item; it’s a gateway to America’s golden age of travel, a tangible representation of freedom, and a celebration of adventure. As such, it makes for an exceptional gift, offering not just a piece of history but a canvas of memories and dreams. Whether for a nostalgic road-tripper, a lover of Americana, or someone who cherishes unique and meaningful art, Route 66 wall decor is a gift that keeps on giving.

Why Route 66 Wall Art Makes a Great Gift

  1. Universal Appeal: The legendary Route 66 holds a special place in the hearts of many, making wall art depicting it a universally appealing gift.
  2. Nostalgic Charm: For those who yearn for the bygone days of classic Americana, this wall art serves as a delightful reminder of the past.
  3. Inspirational: It’s a source of inspiration for dreamers and doers alike, encouraging an adventurous spirit and the pursuit of new horizons.
  4. Versatile Decor: Route 66 wall art fits a wide range of decor styles, from retro to modern, and adds character to any space.
  5. Personal Connection: For someone who has traveled the road or dreams to, it’s a deeply personal gift that resonates with their own experiences or aspirations.

Gift Idea Options for Route 66 Wall Art

  1. Customized Route Maps: A wall art map of Route 66, customized with markers for significant stops or personal notes, makes for a thoughtful and personalized gift.
  2. Vintage Sign Replicas: These add a touch of retro style and are perfect for someone who appreciates vintage aesthetics.
  3. Artistic Canvas Prints: Choose a canvas print with artistic interpretations of Route 66 landscapes or landmarks for a modern and chic gift.
  4. Neon Signs: A neon Route 66 sign can be a standout gift for someone who loves to add a bold statement piece to their home or workspace.
  5. License Plate Art: Gift a piece of art created from license plates representing the states Route 66 passes through, ideal for someone who loves unique, upcycled items.
  6. Photographic Collages: A collage of photographs from the Route 66 journey is a gift that encapsulates the road’s vibrant energy and diversity.
  7. Historical Memorabilia Framed: For the history buff, consider wall art featuring historical Route 66 memorabilia, such as old postcards or advertisements.
  8. Themed Wall Clocks: A Route 66 wall clock combines functionality with decor, perfect for someone who likes practical gifts with a twist.
  9. Metal Wall Sculptures: A sculpted piece of metal art that showcases Route 66 icons can be a distinctive addition to a recipient’s collection.
  10. Puzzle Wall Art: For the interactive gift-seeker, a wall puzzle depicting a Route 66 scene offers entertainment and a display piece once completed.

Who Would Love This Gift?

  • Travel Enthusiasts: Those with a passion for travel will appreciate the reminder of the open road.
  • History Buffs: Anyone with an interest in American history will treasure the cultural significance of Route 66 decor.
  • Art Lovers: Individuals who appreciate unique artwork will find Route 66 wall art to be a captivating addition to their collection.
  • Dreamers: For those who always have their next journey in mind, this gift serves as inspiration to hit the road.
  • Retirees: A perfect retirement gift, especially for someone planning a road trip or who enjoys leisure travel.

In conclusion, Route 66 wall art is not just a gift; it’s an invitation to remember, to dream, and to explore. It’s suitable for any occasion and is sure to be cherished by anyone who has a bit of wanderlust in their soul.

Route 66 Wall Decor Sale

Obviously we all appreciate a good sale. Especially so when it comes to Route 66 wall art as this type of highway wall art decor is rare and not on sale often. Therefore if you see something you like get it sooner than later.

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